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Hi. We're Miya Hirabayashi and Elisabeth Thurston Fraser. We founded Equals, a print and online publishing platform for 200+ contributors writing about substantive issues relevant to women from 2010-2013 (ask us about our super secret archives). The band is back together for a special edition digital anthology focused on our feminist future. 

You. No, seriously. 

You almost certainly have thoughts on how feminism relates to bodies, minds, public policies, social movements, families, housing, sex, sports, the arts, education, work, oppression, resistance, the past, the present, or the future. If you didn't, you likely wouldn't be reading this.

We welcome and are actively calling for submissions by individuals whose voices are often marginalized from discussions of feminism. In the words of Flavia Dzodan, "my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit."

We're seeking original written content and art loosely interpreting the theme "the future is female." We're interested stories about unlikely allies and vibrant communities, frustration and anger transforming into resistance, or hope emerging from unexpected places. In other words, if the future is female, how do we get there?

For written material, we're open to essays, long-form journalism, interviews, or other nonfiction explorations of the theme. Both personal and social/political explorations of this topic are welcome. We care less about word count than about high-quality writing and thoughtful discussions.  Fiction and poetry will not be considered for publication.

We encourage image submissions both on their own and as a part of written submissions. Please submit jpeg images that are smaller than 960px wide at 72dpi. Please send only images that belong to you or that you have permission to use for this purpose.

Yes, please! Please upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube, and send us the link. 

Please submit your piece on or before Monday, April 3, 2017

We're donating our time and resources to this project with a goal of facilitating conversation, action, and donations to organizations supporting marginalized populations. Although we don't have a budget to pay contributors, we think creators should be compensated for their work. We're offering free memberships to Wheelhouse, a movement to support the growth of women-owned businesses (launching in early 2017). Your bio can also include links to your causes or businesses.

Please contact Elisabeth for editorial inquiries and Miya for art inquiries. We also accept compliments and funny cat gifs.

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